Online Training

The online Training for the ECQA Certified Business Process Professional in Higher Education Institutions will start on the 30. September 2013.

The training will be FREE of charge, participants who will successfully perform the online training will be able to obtain a certificate issued by the ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association).

The course registration guide can be downloaded HERE

If you already registered to the system you can log in directly to the:

ECQA Skill & Exam System, to perform self-assessment and the exam


Moodle learning management system for attending the online training



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: The system requests an enrollment key. Where can I find it?

A: The enrollment key can be found in the registration guide on page 8 in section 4.  

Q: Why can't I see the training materials?

A: You are probably still in the ECQA Skill & Exam System. To go to the online learning system select Learning from the Menu and Courses. Click on the Sign-In button to join the online course. Please look also at the section 4 in the registration guide.

Figure 1: ECQA Skill & Exam System



Figure 2: Moodle learning management system with the BPM-HEI online training