Project Results

Main project results in the first year of the projects are (excluding project management, quality management, configuration management and dissemination results):

Research of BPM practices and knowledge in HEIs and companies

  • Analysis: State of BPM in HEIs

Analysis of existing BPM practices in HEIs includes:

  • set of existing processes, which are performed and managed in HEIs (core, management and supporting processes,
  • the maturity of existing processes (According to BPMM - Business Process Maturity Model)
  • a finding, which processes are managed
  • comparison with BPM practices in companies.

The main objective of this research was to find out which processes on HEIs are not well managed and which should be managed more company-alike.

The research results include: research design, research questionnaire, web questionnaire (link) research analysis, research report, articles and conference presentations and were already published on various conferences: DOBA 2012, SMI 2012, ECQA Days 2012.

  • Analysis: BPM related curricula in HEIs

We have analysed existing curricula in partner HEIs and have found out that the BPM topics are scattered among various programmes and courses.

The research results include research design, research analysis, research report, articles and conference presentations which are yet to be published.

The certification

ECQA Certified Business Process Professional in Higher Education Institutions covers the following learning units:

  • Teaching processes, Studying processes, Research processes, Development processes, Management and supporting processes

 This is 1st level certification and it covers the content of the processes.

ECQA Certified Business Process Manager in Higher Education Institutions is an upgrade of the previous job role and additionally covers the following learning units:

  • Management Systems, Managing BPM projects,  BPM and Modelling, Documenting Business Processes, Choosing your BPM tool/platform, Human factors in BPM, Motivating people for process change

This is 2nd level certification and it covers the BPM methodology.


Process framework

Unified Process Framework for HEIs will include a reference set of processes for HEIS: core processes, management processes and supporting processes. Example of core processes for HEIs: curricula development, student relationship management, learning content delivery, etc. Examples of management processes in HEIS: human resources management, documentation management, audits, financial management, etc. Examples of supporting processes in HEIs: acquisitions, purchase of equipment and learning materials, building maintenance, administration, etc. The processes will be represented in form of process map, process models and additional descriptions (three levels of details). A BPMN process modelling technique will be used for process models design. Details of processes (3rd level) will be described in form of good practices.


See the first preview of the HEI process map (download full size from here):

HEI BPM process map