Conference in Poland

20-22th of Spetember 2012 inConference in Poland Międzyzdroje (Poland) took place 7th edition of International Conference –SMI Congress of Young IT Scientists. This meeting is a cyclical conference devoted to new information technologies. It is a place where young researchers as well as  their more experienced  colleagues meet and present their research findings in the field of computer science. The congress is held in the form of panel sessions, trainings, seminars and workshops. Well-known figures from the world of science and practice are co-ordinators of the panel sessions. Presentations of invited papers are also encouraged by the organizers.

During the first day of this conference we have a chance to disseminate HEI UP project. Our two project partners from Poland (Anna Worach) and Slovenia (Mateja Geder)  have a presentation during session “European projects”.  This statement has a wide appeal through audience. We gave out a lot of leaflets.  During this session we had  an opportunity to exchange our experience with  group from German, which  also had a performance about their project. Conference in Międzyzdroje was a great place for promoting our project and we hope to take part in that kind of meeting in the future.